Happy moment of the day

I always try to look for a happy moment of the day to feel that I am alive and that live worths the effort of working, studying or whatever one have to do everyday. Usually there are very small things such as a funny telephone conversation with my family, a piece of curry pan (I am a kind of hooked to it), a beautiful tree on my way or the night view of the skyscrapers when I come back home at night.

Some weeks ago already my happy moment was especially happy. My friend Take has come from Japan to visit his wife (and my friend) Noriko and we decided to meet to have dinner all together with Wakako and Yasu as well.

We went to Korean town to have a delicious dinner. Sharing the food and allowing us to drink beer without taking care of how many we have had already is a really relaxing activity. We spent the evening updating us about the life of each other, teasing us and joking about everything. It is so nice a feeling to meet friends after a long time.

I wonder when will be the next time that I meet them and where because with this kind of life that we live one can never now where will be living after some months.

  1. … yeah, it’s true… the most wonderful feeling, when you meet friends after a long time of absence is that it doesn’t matter how long it was since the last time… distance doesn’t exist, time doesn’t exist. Looking forward to seeing you in August, shosho, que ya estamos enfriando la servesa… Love from Ati.

  2. Thank you for the servesa in advance. I am looking forward giving you a big hug. See you in August!!! Have you seen Yasu’s bricklawyer tan?

  3. Yes, fabulous, amazing… he seems to have spent all his puñetera life throwing piropos to the chavalas from the andamio…:P

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